Thursday, January 10, 2013

Short winter trip to Naantali and Turku

After spending Christmas at home we left to Naantali and Turku for few days for a change. 
The weather seems to stay gloomy forever. The amount of coffee I drink increases every day 
and the winter will last here at least until April. 
I find small consolation in fact, that days are becoming longer since Christmas.  
Naantali is under 20000 of population city 15km from Turku. Small beautiful city most known for the Moomin World and Naantali Spa Hotel. The Moomin World is closed during winter. 

We visited Turku Cathedral, Finland's national shrine. It was built already in the late XIII century, initially as a wooden church, 100years later rebuilt with stone. The cathedral is tremendous and really impressive.

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