Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Darkness, imprisoning me!

These Metallica's ONE's lirycs are in my mind recently everytime I look through the window.
There's no as bad as in the song: 'Darkness imprisoning me, All that I see absolute horror,
I cannot live, I cannot die, Trapped in myself, Body my holding cell ...'

But it's hard to believe how much lack of light can influence body and mind.
It has been raining for over three weeks almost constantly. Dark, thick, heavy clouds are over our heads all the time. Electric light is on long 'days'. Today at 9am there was still dark like during night. And we live in the very South of Finland. It's funny to me, when my husband's family from Oulu asks: 'How is it going in the South?' I have no idea how they cope there in much darker North. There's no snow there neigher. I never thought I would miss snow. Ridiculous :-) but snow gives much of light and light gives evergy. Sorry to complain AGAIN about weather. I was writing already about the light and snow (eg.the weather forecast and More light please!) but believe me I did not pay any attention to weather before I moved to Finland. Here the weather determines life largely.
We were sitting home for the loooong Christmas holiday. The Christmas break in school and kindergarten lasted 17 days. For my kids it was 17 days of waiting for snow.  
There was one day with a bit of snow on 6.12, later just rain. 
They predict frost and snow for next week, let's see.

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