Friday, March 28, 2014

spring revival

According to astronomical calendar spring season began this year on March 20.
Next Sunday clocks go forward one hour and the Summer Time begins officially.
It begins also in the fashion, gardening, cooking and house decorating magazines. 
Here's few examples of the various magazines' titles: (usually written in green or yellow:-)
'The best decorative/gardening/party/craft ... spring ideas'
'Creative ideas for your terrace/balcony/patio'
'Amazing ideas for starting a spring garden'
'Inspiring table spring decoration ideas'
'How to add a seasonal warmth to your home'
'Decorate your home with a springtime style!'
'Make your spring to-do list with us'
'How to give your home a quick spring makeover' ...  etc. etc.
All in the spirit of the upcoming revival of everything around.
They incourage to renovate, redecorate, refresh, rebuild, refurbish, repurpose etc.
You like it or not, the time of the spring revival has come.
I have impression that Finns wait for the spring more than elsewhere. That's understable in place where summer lasts just few months and weather is unsure.
Even so, each year we get with the post a biggish bunch of the free cataloges offering the outdoor furnitures. The assortment is impressing and each year I think, for how many days an average Finn can use these furnitures during summer? I would call it 'selling dreams'. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute thermal summer begins in southern Finland on average in late May and lasts until mid-September. In the northern parts of Finland summer usually starts about a month later and ends about months earlier. 
After ten summers spent in Finland I can say, they last around two months. They can surprise with hot temperatures ... sometimes :-) 

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