Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I will get for Father's Day?

Years ago, on the first Father's Day spent in Finland with our son my husband asked me:
"- What I will get for Father's Day?"
I asked: "-What do you mean? Our son is 2 month old. Do you expect him to prepare some occasional card for you?"
I did not know, that in Finland parents used to arrange some surprise gifts or even a small party for Father's and Mother's Day in the name of their children. Toddlers and older kids prepare cards and make small gifts in kindergartens and schools, but there's also tradition of arranging some kind of home celebration by mother on Father's Day and by father on Mother's Day.
In Poland only children by themselves prepare something on these occasions.
The infants' parents wait to celebrate these days until their kids are bigger.
All the best for all fathers today!

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