Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finnish ice swimming - Avantouinti

I was going through my Helsinki photos from last week when I noticed right in the middle of one picture a man walking just in shorts. I did not notice him while taking the picture (otherwise I would take more;-) I think the man was enough far away to be unrecognizable in this photo, so I insert it in the blog. It is good reason to write about the ice swimming (in Finnish: avantouinti).
It is really popular in Finland. I remember I saw people from some 'Walrus Club' or sth like that swimming outside during winter on the Polish news. It was subject to show on the news! and in Finland this is a common thing to do.
There are many places in Finland arranged for swimming in the ice-holes. I heard that the best ones are located close to sauna, cause the best feeling is to jump into the ice cold water straight after going to the sauna. It looks like the man on the photo did not need a sauna, he has just 'enjoyed' swimming in the ice-cold sea ...

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