Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th - the Runeberg's Day

Today Finland celebrates Runeberg's Day. Johan Ludvig Runeberg  
is regarded as the national poet of Finland. Each year on the 5th of February Finnish cafés and groceries serve the Runeberg's Tarts (Runebergintortut) - round cakes flavored with almonds and rum or arrack, with raspberry jam and sugar ring icing on top. 
The tarts are named aften his name and eaten in his honour.
Some facts about Runeberg:
- he was born in a Swedish-speaking family on 5th of February 1804,
- he wrote in Swedish as it was his mother tongue,
- his works were about the people and nature of Finland, Finnish peasants' life, persistency and determination (sisu). He also wrote patriotic poems on the Finnish War of 1808-09 with Russia,
- his poem "Vårt land" (Our Land, in Finnish "Maamme") became lyrics of the Finnish National Anthem,
- Jean Sibelius wrote music to number of his poems, 
- Runeberg had also big influence on Swedish literature. He received Swedish Academy's highest award for poetry,
- in 1837 he became professor of Latin and Greek literature in the Borgå College (Gymnasium of Porvoo). In 1847 he was appointed rector of the college. Lived in Porvoo until death.
- in 1852 he moved with family to home, which is nowadays opened for public as the museum, (here's link in english),
- he was married to Fredrika Charlotta Runeberg, daughter of the archbishop of Finland, 
- his wife was also a noted writer. She wrote historical novels and was the first Finnish newspaper-woman,  - they had eight children,
- at age of 61 during a huntinting trip Runeberg suffered a stroke, after which he became severely incapacitated. His wife was taking imposing, everyday good care of him untill his death in 1877,
- the statue of Runeberg in Esplanadi Park in Helsinki was created by his son Walter Runeberg - 
a great Finnish sculptor (his another famous work is the monument of Alexander II in Helsinki Senate Square),
- Runeberg's Day is a flag day in Finland

Runebergs Tarts, producers: Haagan leipä, Linkosuo, Rosten, Marian konditoria, Kakku & Leipä Keisari ja Fazer. Photo: http://ruoka.fi


  1. I co, dobre te ciasteczka?

  2. Bardzo słodkie. Po jednym ma sie dosyć do następnego 5 lutego:-)