Saturday, October 15, 2011

Take it easy! Ota iisisti! Phenomenon of Finglish

I guess, nowadays most of the languages have been influenced by the English language at some point. Finnish is not an exception. Professor Martti Nisonen introduced in 1920s term 'Finglish' to describe a mixture of Finnish and English languages. Phenomenon of mixing these two languages appeared in America but it came and developed also in Finland as the New Finglish.
Recently the New Finglish has developed even more, similarily as the amount of anglicismes has noticeably increased in languages all over the world.
From the Old Finglish I would like to mention few, which drew my attention:
heerkatti (haircut), karpetsi (garbage), loijari (lawyer), rapoli (truoble), vörnitseri (furniture)

Here are some of my favourite new anglicismes in the Finnish language:

brändi (brand), bodari (body builder), buukata (to book, reserve),
deittailla (to date sb), grillata (to grill), hampurilainen (hamburger),
fiilis (feeling), friikki (freak), jees (all right), luuseri (loser),
läppäri (laptop), matsi (match), meikki (make up),
rokkari (rock musician), simppeli (simple), sinkku (single)
trafiikki (traffic), tatska (tattoo), tsekata (to check)

And last but not least, the whole saying: Ota iisisti! = Take it easy! :-)

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